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Make an impact where it matters most.

A growing number of investors are increasingly taking into consideration not just the risk and return of their investments, but also the social impact. If you’re looking to deploy return-seeking capital in ways that specifically address a particular need, support a particular population, or help solve a problem in a particular place, Maycomb Capital can help.

Custom strategies to address specific social challenges.

We have the infrastructure and investment expertise to support investors in deploying flexible, mission-driven capital across several social issue areas, including workforce development for un- and under-employed individuals, addressing social determinants of health for at-risk populations, and early childhood education for disadvantaged children.

Maycomb also has expertise in both flexible debt and early stage equity. The Maycomb team can execute across the entire lifecycle of an investment process including honing an investment thesis, due diligence and deployment, asset management, as well as financial and impact reporting.

Outcomes Finance Accelerator Fund

Maycomb Capital recently launched a new initiative to accelerate outcomes financing in Colorado

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Educational Resources Impact Fund

Supports the growth and sustainability of nonprofit developers and providers of high quality instructional materials to expand access to more students.

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Dedicated to making a difference.

Our team of experts has a broad range of experiences and perspectives while always sharing the same goal: to drive long-term change in underserved communities.

Andi Phillips

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Miljana Vujosevic


Simone Gross

Managing Director

Shelby Kohn

Managing Director

Ariella Rotenberg

Managing Director

Luis Schwedler

Senior Associate

Rohan Subramanian


Jonathan Lovely


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Kate Kennedy Reinemund

Senior Advisor

Dr. Lin Johnson III

Senior Advisor

Dale Robinson

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

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We’re currently working with a select group of our Limited Partners and other “fellow travelers” to deploy a dedicated pool of solutions-oriented capital.

The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

In the classic novel set in fictional Maycomb County, Alabama, Lee’s story sparked conversations about equity that still resonate today. Inspired by this classic novel on social justice, Maycomb Capital aspires to continue a dialogue around social investing, bringing innovative ideas to light through action.